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how to create a batch file using java

Batch File:

  • In this post i am going to show you the implementation of java program to create a batch file.
  • We might all wonder about "what is a batch file?","what a batch file contains?". The batch file contains only the DOS commands which we would type in the command prompt.
  • If you have seen any application,the installation package of the software may contain one or more batch files.These batch files are designed to perform the predefined tasks in the background.     
  • We can able to configure the batch file on our own to perform the tasks that we want to do.
  • For eg. Initially,when we start to learn java we used the command prompt to compile and execute our program.Before compilation we may have to configure some settings like setting the class path,path etc.
  • These type of settings can be easily configured by using the batch file rather than typing the commands manually.  
The java code for creating the batch file is shown below.


import java.util.*;
import java.lang.*;

public class Bat

public Bat()
public static void main(String args[]) throws Exception
Batch b=new Batch();

import java.util.*;
import java.lang.*;

public class Batch
public Batch()
public void createBat() throws Exception
File file=new File("C:\\manet\\Execute.bat");
fos=new FileOutputStream(file);
dos=new DataOutputStream(fos);
dos.writeBytes("CD \\");
dos.writeBytes("CD Project Document");
dos.writeBytes("SET CLASSPATH=c:\\Program Files\\Weka-3-7\\weka.jar;");
dos.writeBytes("cd ..");
dos.writeBytes("ECHO $GANESH");
dos.writeBytes("CD \\ ");

public void executeBat() throws Exception
String cmd="cmd /c start c:\\manet\\Execute.bat";
Runtime r=Runtime.getRuntime();
Process pr=r.exec(cmd);
FileOutputStream fos;
DataOutputStream dos;

The above program will create a batch file named "Execute.bat" and it will start reading the contents of the file as commands and execute it in the console(command prompt).


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Bhanu Sangita said...

Hi I had a main method in a class..I need to execute this main method through batch file .Please help me out.
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